Happy 1 Trillion, Internet!

Internet has reached one trillion unique web pages.
Too bad you will never see the above message any time soon because Google has announced it has indexed over 1 trillion sites.
This is huge literally and metaphorically.
It would seem at this rate of growth the internet will contain just about every piece of information out there.
Soon there won't be a single fact that only exists on paper.
If you're reading this there's no doubt that you've contributed to the internet's vast knowledge database somehow.
I guess there's nothing to celebrate until Google hits the 1 quadrillion mark.
I can't wait!


What You Missed: It's Not Much

Here's a list of events that happened that you probably don't care about:
  • I finished my first semester at U of M and at least passed my classes
  • I'm a member of The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Student Government
  • I am a shoe-in for the webmaster position of LSASG
  • I am on the Energy theme year committee trying to find websites concerning green living along with alternative energy and its conservation
  • My first college roommate was a douche and, contrary to popular opinion, I would give up that experience for anything
  • I got a Wii!
  • My family threw my grandpa a 90th birthday party and he received a Wii also
  • I became addicted to Tribal Wars (don't look into it, you'll just get sucked in too)
  • My love for the internet grew stronger in an unhealthy, obsessed kind of way
  • I'm trying to earn money by doing online surveys; not so gr8 ackshully
  • I found out I have TMJ so I'm on a soft food diet until my jaw joints can be popped back into their proper locations
  • I finally know what day it is because I have a day clock now!
Ok, you're basically all caught up now.
I mean, I could talk about what I've been watching on TV, what music I recently downloaded, and all the cool things I've discovered while on the internet but I wouldn't want to bore you.

I've Been Away for How Long?!

Being the random person that I am, I googled myself today and stumbled upon my own blog, stemr.
I thought to myself, "my god, how long has it been since my last post?"
Too long.
When college kicked in I thought I wouldn't have enough time to do anything but study and breathe (no room for eating or sleeping).
As it turned out, I had more time on my hand than I knew what to do with.
I shouldn't have had any time really since I found out late in the first semester that I was failing most of my classes.
I suppose I could blame video games, the internet, or tv but it was truly my fault.
For some reason, I simply stopped posting on my own blog.
It was probably out of sheer boredom with a heaping amount of distraction, a dash of ADD, and a liberal sprinkling of procrastination.
A recipe for disaster.
I think that maybe I need to change up what I blog about.
Instead of pretending that this is a well established blog I should just keep it simple.
So I'm going to try to just speak my mind and as dull as that may be to you at least I'll keep interest even for just a little longer.
At any rate, I'm back and hopefully I can squeeze in an hour out of the 12 hours of nothingness that comes with each day to post on stemr.