African Fridge

British student invents fridge fit for Africa.
If it's not already explained well enough in the image from Mail Online, this rather small "eco-fridge" is a really great idea. Instead of the food inside the container getting hot the water does and evaporates. It's so simple and yet this is the first time I ever heard of this type of system. I had no idea water could keep a cylinder of food at 6C (42.8F). It's no ice box, but I can imagine that this incredible invention is a blessing to the poor in Africa. I'm sure it won't be easy to constantly replenish this portable fridge with fresh water to keep it working, but it's better than the alternative and I'm sure there will be a few improvements some time in the future. Thanks Emily Cummins for emphasizing the point that brilliant inventions don't have to be complicated or expensive. I wish her good luck and hope Africans will have slightly better lives from now on.