Photoshop's Got Nothin' On These

Incredible video and photo editing could start a new technological era.
Even though I have a digital camera that can take video, I still want a professional video camera. Why? Because video sucks! It's always grainy and the colors are all wrong. Even expensive commercial video cameras are only a slight improvement. But then I saw this video on Gizmodo. Watch it first and then read on...

Wasn't that amazing?! My jaw was dropped the entire time. This technology is going to change everything. I mean you can finally put that video capturing feature on your camera into action and then just edit it later to make it look like a film crew from a movie set shot it. Then think about all the cool effects you can do with your video. This is going to save so much time and effort for those special effect guys.

This reminds me a lot of another superb editing technology called scene carving. There's a video posted on TechCrunch that you should definitely check out. Go ahead and watch it and read the rest when it's over...

Isn't that sweet?! Just think of the possibilities. Photoshop fanatics will be dying to use this.