What's Really in the Food You Order?

Find out the nutritional facts for foods and drinks you get at your favorite restaurants.
Which is better chicken or beef? How much sodium is in one of those double cheeseburgers? Is Subway really all that healthy? All of these answers and more can be answered simply by visiting CalorieKing. Didn't you ever say to yourself "what's in this food anyway?" Did you know that most fast food restaurants make you request nutritional facts by mail?! Instead of blindly ordering something, why not check out how good that food really is for your body? Word of advice: stay away from sausage patties at McDonald's and cookies from Subway, they're TERRIBLE for you.


The One Site to Control Them All

View the top stories from digg, reddit, fark, etc. all on one convenient page.
It couldn't be any easier to find the best stories, pictures, and news that's happening now. Jimmyr really does a nice job at organizing everything recent and up-to-date on his site. There are others like it, which you can find on the right under "Best Lists," but nothing compares to the simplicity and ease of use of Jimmyr. I use it everyday because it changes constantly so I always know what's new and interesting on the internet.

HD Internet TV

Find, download, and watch episodes from hundreds of free channels.
Comedy Central, National Geographic, Ask a Ninja, and much more all make up miro. It's exactly like video podcasting with iTunes only with miro you get to search and download Youtube videos too. Another great feature on miro is that after you download a video and watch it you can save the video forever or there's an expiration date that deletes it in a few days so that you'll have room later for more downloads. But you don't have to limit videos to those that you find on the channel guide, you can even use miro to organize any other video that you have all in one easy to manage program.

Google Records Your Searches

Everything you type into google is closely monitored, but there's a safer way.
It may come as a shock, but google, the most widely used online search engine, not only keeps track of what you search for at what time under your IP address but also allows authorities to view these records whenever they like. Now this can be used for good, but do you really think a multi-billion dollar company gives a crap about doing the right thing? Most likely, they're in it for money and power. But how do you combat google's spying without giving up on your favorite search site? Use googlonymous: the 100% free and anonymous search site that gives you google results without giving out your personal information. It even has a documentary on it's site that provides further details of other companies that are recording your every move and how you're helping them do it without knowing.


Get an Energy Boost Without Caffiene

Feel refreshed after listening to soothing music in just 20 minutes.
If you take naps a lot like me, but hate it when you end up sleeping for hours just to wake up feeling tired again then 20MinuteNap has a free and simple solution: take a 20 minute nap of course. Just close your eyes and enjoy soft music so that after about 20 minutes of relaxation, you're ready to get back to work without feeling exhausted. The music isn't some boring classical stuff either, they're actual songs from bands like Snow Patrol, Jack Johnson, and Coldplay. You'll be surprised that this system actually works and it's just as effective as a 2 hour snooze but without the afterward sleepiness. Try it next time you feel like collapsing onto your bed to stay unconscious for a few hours.


Ask and Answer

Anonomously ask any question and then answer someone else's with QuestionSwap.
Have you ever wanted to know why some people are republicans? Or wanted to read a funny story about someone? Or perhaps you wanted to ask a person something so random that you'd think you would get an odd look from him/her? Then why not ask away on QuestionSwap where you can type pretty much anything and get a response from someone around the world then answer theirs. Do you think that's a good use of your time? Just ask someone that very question on QuestionSwap! After a while you'll see why it's so fun, although you can get addicted.


"BBC Corrupted!"

BBC admits it has been infiltrated by Microsoft
Now that BBC will use the iPlayer, only users with Windows may be able to view BBC's online content because all control over "on-line distribution of BBC programming" is now Microsoft's responsibility according to Defective by Design. With so many high-up British officials in awe of Bill Gates from the new Prime Minister of Britain, Gordon Brown, to BBC's Director of New Media and Technology it was only natural that corruption set in and BBC give it's online power to their biggest fan, Gates. If you want to protest this Defective by Design is conducting a petition and a protest at BBC Television Studios in London on Tuesday August 14

Your Music on Any PC

Listen to your favorite songs with only an internet connection.
Have you found yourself wanting to enjoy some music when you're without an mp3 player on someone else's computer? It happens a lot. There are tons of different sites for you to use for free that lets you not only listen to music you like but also lets you choose the music. Allow me to explain:

1. Last.fm is great for those who are looking for a multipurpose site. Last.fm is more like a social network that was built around a customizable radio. Not only can you choose an artist that you want to listen to and the player will automatically select similar artists to play as well but you're also able to view friend's music, create a profile, find events, join groups, read journals, install widgets... the list goes on.

2. Pandora has to be the best and easiest when it comes to selection and usability. It's much more simplified when compared to Last.fm because it doesn't have a fancy social network. You can make multiple radio stations just by entering an artist and, like Last.fm, it'll pick the best songs to go with that artist. You can then rate a song as thumbs up to hear more music like that or vice versa. What's really nice is that you can choose to not play that particular song for a month in case you like the song but you're just sick of it right now.

3. imeem is nice because you can create a short playlist of songs and then share them with everyone else. You can even add photos and videos to your profile. It's great for bands who want to promote their material.

4. radio.blog.club is great because you can either search for a song or artist and then be taken to a pre-made playlist or you can sign-in and make your own. Some songs don't work for some reason but then again it is free music.

5. Musicovery is unlike any other because its purpose is not to choose songs you already know but to discover new songs based on the criteria you give it. So if you want to hear rap songs from the 80s to 90s or metal with a dark, energetic mood or pop with a fast tempo then this is for you.