President? Try Dictator Bush

New "NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE" ignores normal two term maximum.
Yup, it's official; Bush will become supreme overlord of the U.S. Under the
NATIONAL SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/NSPD 51 a.k.a. HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20, "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions," a.k.a. a "catastrophic emergency," will result in "the continuity of Federal Government structures and operations and a single National Continuity Coordinator responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of Federal continuity policies" including "all executive departments and agencies." Which means
"the President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government" forcing "a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President."
Well...it's finally happened: dictatorship. And what's America gonna do when the 2008 elections are canceled because we're in a "national emergency?" Nothing, because not enough people have made an effort to impeach the President for wiretapping. This is a sad sad day.

Barefoot vs. Shod

Shoes deform strong natural feet into weak ones.
Reading the Nature's Magic Bullet article really shocked me when it said that shoes lead to bad posture, distorted feet, and an increase in common ailments! It sounds totally unbelievable and ridiculous, but then again could it really be that simple as going barefoot to lower one's risk of contracting multiple sclerosis, lung cancer, or other common diseases? First a history lesson: shoes were widely used in order to protect feet from sharp objects, keep them clean, and show off one's social status. A pointed foot was a desired shape to make one's foot look more aristocratic, but then the style of compressing and squeezing together toes became the norm. There never was a shoe that complemented a natural formation where one could draw a line from the big toe to the heel (as pictured). Instead, feet adapted to the fit of the shoe because that's what feet are supposed to do: adapt. There are many people around the world who go barefoot, have natural spacing between the toes, called a gait, and their feet, not to mention their health, are completely fine. Crazy right? You'd think that without shoes your soft feet are exposed to all sorts of dangers, but soft, vulnerable feet are caused by shoes in the first place! If someone goes barefoot, nature made it so that feet adapt to the environment, which is why arch supports are bogus since doctors still buy into wearing shoes all the time as a means to protect one's feet when, in reality, shoes make people lose natural formations. Unshod (yes that's the correct spelling for "without shoes") people, not only those in the wild but also those living in urban environments, have great natural arches, resilient soles, and are less likely to develop improper posture along with general wellness all because of their foot shape. I mean, you could ignore this and say it's stupid, but if going barefoot whenever possible, as nature intended, is all it takes to prevent simple problems and diseases then it doesn't sound so crazy anymore.


DownloadHelper Does Just That

Download music and videos from a website with one simple firefox add-on.
It really couldn't be any easier with DownloadHelper. A song or video is just a few clicks away from being stored on your hard drive. You can go to nearly any site like imeem, youtube, aol, DivxTube, etc. and be able to download pretty much anything they offer. With the internet browser firefox, install the add-on, and when you see or hear something you like look at the DownloadHelper symbol that should be to the right of the address bar. If it's gray then you're not able to download it, but if it's in color and moving then you're in luck. Click the down arrow that shows up when you hover your mouse over the spinning symbol to see what's available. Now even though it may have a bizarre name, the file you want is most likely there. If you select one of the options and the download is done immediately you probably have a dud. Try another selection until you get a fairly large file depending on what file you're downloading. After it's complete, you need a player that recognizes .flv files. I recommend Media Player Classic that's included in a very useful codec pack called k-lite. You can also convert .flv files into something else with SUPER. So now you can go nuts by clicking on the DownloadHelper symbol at any time and looking at the list of sites that you can download media from with you're new add-on.


Chocolate Keeps the Dentist Away?

Cocoa extract in chocolate strengthens enamel.
According to
Arman Sadeghpour from Tulane University, naturally occurring cocoa in chocolate "might be an effective natural alternative to fluoride in toothpaste." Everybody should know that fluoride is a very dangerous chemical and it's toxic at high doses. Fluoride is good since it poisons bacteria found in your mouth, but, like most poisons, it harms everything including you. That's why there are warning labels on toothpaste that say "if ingested call for emergency." Flouride can cause fluorosis, slight memory impairments in children, and even death. The reason why fluoride was even allowed to be fed to us is because there was a large amount of it laying around a century ago so big business decided to get rid of it and make a profit. Adding fluoride to water has been outlawed in many countries, but people still haven't caught on in America so it's still a common practice. Anyway, cocoa extract toothpaste won't be recommended at your dentist's office any time soon, so until then you don't have to feel guilty about having a little chocolate; it's for healthy teeth.

Shipping Cost: $1,000,000?!

Pentagon payed nearly $1 million in shipping for two $0.19 washers.
You think that's bad? This isn't the only occurrence of WAY over charging for shipping; far from it as Schlicken points out. But the $998,798 for two 19 cent washers takes the cake. This was done by one South Carolina company that discovered that when shipping to "priority" areas, payment was done automatically without so much as a glance at the receipt. So slowly, this company charged thousands then tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands to the government for things like a few screws. It ended up totaling about $20.5 million just from this one company when someone finally checked their purchasing records. The company was barred from federal contracts, all of their newly purchased things were auctioned off, and the owners will be jailed (probably for life). Hopefully the Pentagon will look out for over charging from now on (not likely).

Faster Than The Speed of Light

Scientists claim quantum tunneling allows photons to exceed the speed of light.
It's suddenly all over the internet but I'll sum it up:
Einstein - "you need an infinite amount of energy to go faster than 186,000 miles per second."
German physicist - "the detector just picked up that some photons instantaneously went from one prism to the next with a 3 ft. gap!"
Einstein - "well, that's just absurd."
German physicist - "It's quantum tunneling! I'm sure of it!"
Einstein - "you know, my laws haven't been broken before, why would they suddenly not apply to you?"
German physicist - "I proved Einstein wrong! I'm telling everybody without considering another theory!"
Einstein - "oh boy..."

Fool Rapidshare

Download like you're a premium member.
I hate that stupid two hour wait between downloads that I get when I use rapidshare. I'm assuming you do too otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. There have been a number of sites and cheats that have surfaced, but none work as well and are as simple as rsleecher. It couldn't be any easier. Just copy the link to the rapidshare file you want, paste it in the bar, and click download. Although, you're only allowed 3 downloads in a single 24 hour period. It's best that you use firefox 2+ with this site.
UPDATE: A program called rapidleecher works just as well if not better. It has a built in proxy option so you can enter in a proxy link to download even more times!


Crazy Like Fox News

Fox News is wrongly changing Wikipedia entries.
After the release of a custom tool that allows anyone to view who has edited a wiki article, someone has stumbled upon IP addresses that have come from Fox News. It seems that the highly conservative news team has been altering sections in their favor like changing "O’Reilly’s show...garnering ratings six times higher than Olbermann’s" to "O’Reilly’s show...garnering ratings ten times higher than Olbermann’s" as The Seminal pointed out. This statistic is clearly inaccurate and what Fox is doing is immoral, but at least they're holding on to typical Republican tactics of lying and misleading the public.

Yet Another Cancer Cure

Scientist observes preventative cancer gene.
Well America didn't jump for joy when laetrile poisoned cancerous cells nor did anyone take notice when DCA destroyed cancer by switching on inert mitochondria, so hopefully people will hear about gene therapy. A Canadian scientist just recently discovered something remarkable when the gene HACE 1 is activated; it prevents cancer! The gene does so by helping "cells fight off stress that, left unchecked, opens the door to formation of multiple tumours" according to Daily Kos. Now, nothing is certain since this is still fairly new but maybe this time a cancer cure won't be ignored.


Easy Fat Lose

10 life style changes that really do make you lose weight.
I think that g333k.glimpsr is on to something when they released "8 easy things you can do to lose fat." I'll not only list what their list, but I'll also add some really simple tricks that I've picked up. Read everything to get some tips to help you lose weight without doing major dieting or exercising.

1. Say good-bye to soda. It's terrible for your health! Drink juice or water instead.
Forget fast-food. There's WAY too much fat and sodium in anything you order. Make your own damn food!
Limit sugary foods. Take one or two cookies from the packaging and set them on a plate, close the package putting it in a plastic bag, and go into another room to eat your cookies slowly. You'll be less tempted to sit and eat the whole package that way. For ice cream use one of those bowls you melt butter in instead of those soup bowls or worse, eating straight from the carton.
Less carbs. I know, it's obvious, but you have to train yourself to eat other foods. Say yes to meat, greens, and fruit and no to bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes. Stuff your sandwiches with meat, have more salads, and bowl of berries with yogurt for dessert. If you must have carbs, take a bite and put your fork down or set it down if it's a finger food and then keep your hands on your lap until you've swallowed it all before having another bite or have a sip of your drink between bites.
Protein is the key. I don't mean upgrading to the triple patty hamburger or the grande taco, I'm talking about snacking on granola, nuts, veggies, and better quality meat.
Minimize size, maximize quantity. Don't eat until you're stuffed, whatever you're eating just split everything in half with someone else. In another couple of hours eat more, but less of it, get it? Eat often, but in snack size portions.
Snack. Yep, you can and should have healthy snacks every day, like carrots with ranch dressing, a nutrition bar, or a bag of cereal with no more than 100 calories per cup.
Wait 3 hours after eating before sleeping. Believe me, this helps A LOT. Occupy yourself after dinner so you're not tempted to snack.
Get more sleep. It's tough and I realize that, but you gotta do it if you want to lose that weight. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than you usually do each day until you reach 10 or 11 so that you can squeeze in an hour or two of more sleep.
Get active. Well duh, it's the same thing as exercise, but you don't have to weight lift, run, or go to the gym. With just a few hours every week, do some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), play ping-pong, practice more in a sport, walk or ride your bike to your destination, or do 10 sit-ups or push-ups or whatever during the tv commercials.

I've lost nearly 10 pounds in just a week by following these steps!


Skreem for Music with Songbird

Download music easily with Skreemr on Songbird.
This is the easiest way to get free and legal (to the best of my knowledge) music with just a website and single program. The program is Songbird which is free to download and it's a lot like iTunes where you can create and organize music and videos from your library into playlists, but Songbird has a built in web browser. And the coolest thing about this web browser is that whenever it detects a song file on a website that you're looking at it displays it in a temporary playlist at the bottom where you can play and download the song. So now all you need is a website like Skreemr to search for music that you want and use the built-in download feature on Songbird to get songs onto your computer. You can also use music search engines like mp3000, MP3Salad, e-mp3s, and KOhit to find songs too. That's it! But remember to only download legally.

Don't Be Afraid, It's Just RSS

View new stories and posts from your favorite sites all in one place.
It's surprising to me that so many people haven't discovered or fully understand RSS. If you have a lot of websites or blogs that you like you don't have to go to each one looking for updates. With RSS all the updates come to you. It's very simple:

1. Find and click an RSS feed symbol (usually orange or blue) whenever you want to be notified as soon as something new is posted on a site that you like.
2. Now, using Google Reader, which is the easiest out of all readers to manage, you can be informed of any updates that occur on that site just by having a google account.
3. Go nuts by clicking RSS symbols on all your favorite sites and if you don't want them in Google Reader any more then you can just click "unsubscribe" under "Feed Settings."

That's all you need to know! Now of course you could use other RSS readers but the best thing about using the google version is that with the same account you can have email with Gmail and a calendar with Gcal and all the other benefits that come with google.

"Ultimate Video Search Engine"

Find a video with one easy search.
Calling your site the "ultimate" is pretty bold, but the Gujam video search engine can really back up their claim. It's exactly like google with a simplistic design and results page but it searches video sites like YouTube, Veoh, The Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, and many more. Now you can easily find videos from lonelygirl15, as pictured above, with ease. If you don't find the video you're looking for with Gujam then it just doesn't exist.