The Boxxy Paradoxxy

The mystery behind the internet phenomenon, Boxxy.
Once upon a time, there was a girl who referred to herself as lonelygirl15. Her intriguing videos detailing her life captivated the YouTube audience and she became an internet sensation. It wasn't until later when it was revealed that she was an actress and her whole lonelygirl15 persona was completely fabricated with all the videos directed and edited professionally. Although she was able to move to the silver screen for a while, YouTube has been eagerly awaiting a new lonelygirl15. In comes Boxxy. Her crazy antics and total randomness sparked a wave of love and hate especially on 4chan. Seemingly out of nowhere, Operation Valkyrie attempted to simultaneously halt the spread of Boxxy, spam her and her friends, and find out what is her true identity. These are my findings summarized from the Boxxy Dox.
Boxxy is also known as moldylunchbox and boxxybabee (possibly bellflower_priestess as well). She was a casual Gaia Online user where her friends Pocky and 4DM1RALAWESOME hung out. Boxxy's real life name is Catie and Pocky is presumed to be a long time Indian friend from school named Priyanka. Since her internet fame boom, she has since changed her Gaia Online name from M o l d yLunchboxx to mule372 and, most likely, does not login frequently if at all anymore. Little else is 100% known about her including last name, age, phone number, or address. The investigation into Boxxy is still ongoing and this post will be updated when new information has been confirmed.

UPDATE: Boxxy is 16 years old and lives in Roseville, California. She is presumed to attend Woodcreek High School. Her YouTube account, boxxybabee, has been hacked, possibly by another anti-boxxy group called the CBCR whose purpose is to make sure boxxy never releases another video.