What's That Song?!

Tunatic identifies the song you're listening to.
I'm sure you know what it feels like to listen to a song and say, "what's the name of that song?" It can be seriously frustrating right? You might hear it on the television in a commercial or listen to it on the radio all the time or you just have a really bad labeling system for your music folder. You then try to catch bits and pieces of the lyrics but some times they're so hard to make out clearly. You ask your friends who act as if they've never heard anything in their whole lives and just give you the feeling that you're the only one who hears it. Worry no more! Tunatic from Wildbits is "hear" to help. No, it's not a lyrics search engine, it's a handy software that listens to the song and finds it for you. Here's how it works: if you have a microphone for your computer just wait for that song to play on the TV or radio, put the microphone up to the speaker, and click the magnifying glass on Tunatic to identify the song. If you don't have a microphone, Tunatic can also tell you what song you're listening to from your computer speakers, perfect for online radio. I tested it out and identifying with the speakers was really accurate. You really have to turn up the volume for the microphone but it still works fine. Give it a try, you'll be amazed on what songs it knows.


Homeland Security Wants Your Laptop

Laptops can now be withheld indefinitely at US customs.
So let me first go through the list of what TSA and Homeland Security doesn't want anyone to bring on a plane.
  1. Bombs - Of course, that's an obvious one, no one wants to be blown up...maybe I should rephrase that to no sane person wants to be blown up.
  2. Guns - Even though it says we can in the Constitution, the law banning guns from the airport is clearly in our best interest because we know no one's going to shoot us...except maybe the police who are still allowed to have guns in the airport.
  3. Long Knives and Scissors - Sorry chefs, Butchers, Crocodile Dundee, and ninjas, you can only put your tools in checked baggage.
  4. Large Blunt Objects - All sports and martial arts equipment is pretty much banned from going on a plane. Wouldn't want a baseball bat or a pair of nunchakus or ski pole whack you, right?
  5. Poison - TSA and DHS don't care if you're paranoid about finding a scary bug or rodent while on your plane, you can't bring poison!
  6. Liquids larger than 3 oz. - GASP! A bottled water, toothpaste, pudding cup, and aerosol deodorant?! Are you trying to kill us all?! Oh, you also have a fueled common lighter? Yeah that's fine to take with you on the plane.
  7. Laptops - Sure you can take that with you; I've been really looking forward to getting my own laptop.
It's official, you no longer have the right to your laptop when you cross the border. CNet reports that if you go into the US even if you're just re-entering, agents can "seize, make copies of, and 'analyze the information transported by any individual'." Apparently they're looking for drug smugglers (they've gone high-tech now only accepting payments through Pay-Pal), copyright infringers (hide your mp3 player), and, of course, terrorists (who's causing the terror again?). I certainly hope you weren't planning to do any business on your business trip or have your trusty entertainment companion to keep you busy on your long flight forever. So what are you going to do? Stick it to those customs bastards by backing up all your data before every international trip you take, encrypting all your data, clearing your temp files, turning off your computer when crossing borders, and creating a restore point. I'm sure this is where Homeland Security draws the line, I mean they're not going to start taking our cell phones, cameras, or mp3 players, right?