Beating The Traffic Cop

The best ways to get out of a speeding ticket.
I've never had to pull over for a cop before not because I'm a good driver (even though I am), but rather I'm a smart driver. I know when a road could possibly have a traffic cop waiting in a hidden driveway and I know when there's absolutely no way a cop would pull me over on a particular road. Here's a few sites that can really help you avoid getting a ticket:
  1. Speedtrap Exchange - no matter where you go, be prepared of hot-spots for cops to hang out at and then submit new warnings you come across.
  2. Ezine's Four Tips - not only are these good suggestions to never get a speeding ticket in the first place but there are lots of similar links below the article too.
  3. SoYouWanna - has some other good tips that you might not think of.
  4. LifeHacker - the actual article is ok, but the comments are the best
  5. TES - if you're really desperate to get out of a ticket then you can bring up the TES.