Playlist.com: Music Done Right

High quality tunes in a real simple interface.
In my quest for the best site to download songs from, I've come across songza, seeqpod, skreemr, Pandora, and imeem. Yet none meet my standards quite as well as Playlist. The setup is so user friendly with all the important stuff highlighted so there's a clear flow to each page. The selection of music is impressive not only including what I'd normally find on a CD but remixes as well. Only imeem can compete with that. Similar to songza and seeqpod, making my own playlist just requires a search and click to add. If I'm feeling a bit lazy to build my own library of songs, I can listen to another member's playlist. The best part about Playlist is that all the music is in mp3 or mpeg format so they can all be downloaded with DownloadHelper for Firefox and I never have to do any flv conversions. Although I'll still go on imeem for unique music, seeqpod for discovering new tunes, Pandora for interesting variety, and skreemr for superior quality audio, Playlist has become my new default for song searches.