Just One Click to Find Sites You Like

View websites based off your interests with StumbleUpon.
It's never been easier to surf the web. If you enjoy sites with science, humor, videos, hacking, or anything else you can think up, StumbleUpon will show you sites that people have labeled as such. It's simple to sign-up, download (firefox) or download (internet explorer), and use StumbleUpon. Once you have the toolbar installed all you have to do is check the topics you want to see, click the Stumble! button, and then you're taken to a site that other users with similar tastes have liked. You can then select if you liked it or not by clicking the thumbs up or down buttons and then click Stumble! again to be taken to a new site. If you suddenly discover a really good website that no one else has, then click "I like it!" to label the site and give a quick review so others can enjoy it too. At any time you can click on the Favorites button to see all the sites that you visited while using StumbleUpon. It's just that easy to use, but be careful, it's VERY addictive.


The iPod Killer

The feature-rich Archos mp3/video players easily beat any iPod.
I'm going to discuss the absolutely amazing Archos 604 WiFi. The screen is as big as the PSP's (about 4" diagonal) but it's also a touch screen for easy navigation. It has a respectable 30Gb hard drive to store everything from music to videos to photos and more. You can customize practically everything, such as the background with one of your own photos. The removable battery lasts for about 15 hours playing music while video watching will give you 5 solid hours. There's an external speaker for listening without the headphones, a built-in microphone for recording audio on the go, and there's a kick stand in the back to prop up the player when watching videos. With a separate dock, you can even record tv shows just like a DVR. And because it's WiFi, you can even access the internet for free to check email, write on forums, and check your blog. In fact, I did this entire post on my Archos (save for a bit of adjustments later on). The only draw backs are the price (upwards of $300) and you can only watch online videos from sites like youtube.com on the 605 model which costs a bit more. Does an iPod have all that? Didn't think so.


Santa's Home is Russian Territory?

Russia wants control over the North Pole.
Ever since 2001, Russia has requested to make the arctic a part of Siberia. But the rest of the world isn't convinced just yet. There's plenty of oil up there and everyone wants a chunk of the profit so this battle is going to go on for a while.

Futurama Returns!

HALLELUJAH! After years of fighting for its return, Futurama is making a comeback on Nov 27th.
Futurama was another animated series by Matt Groening that started a few years back when his regular series, The Simpsons, was at a really popular state. Futurama was, dare I say, better than The Simpsons because the jokes were fresh, the characters were new, and the situations got crazier. Well for some reason it was canceled and lots of fans were bummed to the point of petitioning for the network to bring it back. Now with The Simpsons movie out, the save Futurama project was revived and they listened. According to The Animation Blog, Futurama will be put into four movies and then later split up into episodes to air on Comedy Central for a new season.


Real Life Treasure Hunt

Hide or find treasure world wide with Geocaching.
Haven't you wished that life was more like a treasure hunt game? Well, it has been since 2004! There are millions of hidden items all over the world and possibly in your backyard. Sign-up for Geocaching at their
website and you can search for treasure, like the one pictured above, people have hidden near you.
When I searched for stuff near me there were 10 treasures in a 3 mile radius around my house! I couldn't believe it! Go ahead and try it out for yourself.