Cell Phone Users Rejoice!

Bill to stick it to the mobile phone industry.
Finally, a bill that doesn't limit our rights: it gives them to the people. The Cell Phone Empowerment Act of 2007, summarized on The Consumerist, would prevent crazy fees and practices that cell phone companies have been using to screw its customers for years. This would finally right most of the wrongs imposed on us by those bastards. Here are the basic changes:
1. Early termination fees (ETF) would be cut in half after the first year.

2. Coverage maps would be made public and dead zones would be revealed.

3. Stupid fees would be stopped and only authorized ones would be allowed.

4. Any contract changes would have to be shown to customers in writing and wouldn't take effect for 30 days.

5. No more locked phones!

No Hoodies Makes No Sense

Four year old told to remove hoody for "security."
This no hoody policy schools and public buildings are picking up is pissing off a lot of people including me. When I went to high school, white honor roll students who have never broken a single rule were being told to take off their hoodies because it was violating dress code. Yet other students were allowed to wear hats, caps, visors, and other crazy head gear any way they liked. In a recent scenario
BBC tells us that a mother is outraged at such a ridiculous order to have her young daughter take off her hoody for "security" reasons in a family arcade. The mother points out that it's just plain stupid to have her daughter's hoody removed when there are others with hats on all over the place. This brings me to my final point: in order to be fair to everyone, either ban all fashion oriented head gear or allow them all.