Miley Cyrus Dead?

The truth about the Miley Cyrus death reports.
I'm not sure about you but I've been hearing a lot about Miley Cyrus's death on the morning of Friday August 5th. Yahoo and TMZ reported early on about the story claiming she died in a car crash and that there were "leaked photos" of the tragedy.
Here's the truth:
It was an impromptu hoax that presumably started on 4chan's /b/ site (I don't provide a link because I don't recommend anyone going to that site). I was on /b/ when I saw a thread that basically said "hey everyone, let's go to this Miley video on YouTube and post 'rest in peace Miley 1998 - 2008'." Obviously many laughs were shared because the idiot couldn't do math so if she was born in 1998 then she would only be ten years-old. Some members were against it saying it was stupid but others thought it was going to be great fun. After many, MANY posts saying that Miley Cyrus was dead, all the news reports started pouring in out of no where making up evidence as they went along. 4chan kept a good record of all the news stories (there were plenty) but I didn't think to copy them down to post here until the thread was already deleted due to inactivity. Anyway, later Friday evening, photos of Miley at the Fashion Rocks event surfaced which completely disproved Miley dying the morning of.

So there you have it. It all started on 4chan, was reported on based off of nothing, it was exposed as being false, and then everyone on 4chan lol'd (laughed).

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